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Announcements for July 20th


Lexington Court Service at 2:00pm

Devotions: Jason Hershberger

Chorister: Caleb Krabill

Evening Service:

House Fellowships

Caleb and Bob's group will meet at Caleb and Luella's home at 6pm bring snacks, lawn chairs and outdoor games.

This Week:

Tuesday: Church Softball Game

Wednesday: Bible study at 8:00pm -Leader: Matt Roggio

Friday; Bulletin Information is due to Marsha

Upcoming Events:

-July 27th we will be having a campfire and baptism service at Casto's pond at 7:00pm.

We will be roasting hot dogs, bring finger foods. (Tricia's food committee)

-August 6th (Wednesday) Greg Benson from Haiti will be here speaking at 7:30 pm.

-August 17th will be the annual church business meeting.

Next Sunday, July 27th:

Chorister: JUdy Beachy

Offering: Ministry Fund

Worship Leader: Chet Krabill

Worship Music: Roggios

Special Music: Dianne Eichorn

Sermons: Matt Roggio

Hostess: Wilma Swartzentruber

Sunday Evening: Baptism/Campfire

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