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Announcements September 7


There are sign up sheets on the bulletin board to help with

•Kid’s Club Snacks


•Community Day desserts

This week

Wednesday: Kid’s Club at 6:30

Bible Study at 7:30pm

Leader: Tim Swartzentruber

Chorister: Rhoda Swartzentruber

This week;

Saturday, September 13th

“Faith in Action”

•Meet at the church at 8:00

•Pray, and then go out to serve. We should be done within a 1/2 day's work

•T-shirts will be available for those who would like them!

Next Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chorister: Rosetta Sommers

Offering: Sewing

Worship Leader: Tim Eichorn

Worship Music: Vince Swartzentruber

Special Music: Rosetta Sommers

Sermon: Randy Lewis

Hostess: Marsha Sommers

Food for Thought

next Sunday evening at 7:00

Topic: Marriage and Family

•What is “Food for Thought”?

–It is a chance to use our experiences to help others and to gain wisdom from those you know and trust.

•How does it work?

–Anyone can submit a question on the topic to Randy or Tricia. During the service someone with experience will share a prepared response and it also may be discussed in open format.

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