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About JMC

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We believe that the purpose of Johnsville Mennonite Church is to be a loving and encouraging family, to glorify Jesus as we walk together, and make Christ the center of our worship. Our goal is to bring as many people as we can to Christ through the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to grow in spiritual maturity. Everything that we do at our church is about keeping Jesus the center of our focus and fulfilling the ultimate purpose that God created us for; to love Him first, pray and worship Him, disciple His people, encourage others, and serve.

-Statement of Theology 

-Statement of Practice

-Rosedale Network of Churches-About 

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Rosedale Network of Churches

We are a part of Rosedale Network of Churches. Rosedale Network is a global family of Anabaptists. "Our mission is to spread mature and spread churches locally and globally."  

-Rosedale Network of Churches – a global family of Anabaptists

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We believe in the power of prayer. Each year we commit to praying for each other, through prayer partners. There are a variety of groups and most of the time they will get together Sunday evening but can meet any time of the month, depending on what works best for that group. These meetings can happen several times throughout the year. 

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Missions and Outreach

Mission Sundays: We take several Sundays to focus on some of our mission organizations that we sponsor. 

Service Days: Each year we do some service days for each other and for our community. We love serving our community together!

Lexington Court: We serve together on an ongoing rotation at the Lexington court Care Center. We generally sing songs and have prayer and devotions with the residents there Sunday from 2:00-2:30 pm. 

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