For those who enjoy the ease of online giving, we now have that option through a company called “tithe.ly” 

They have an app for your phone, and a website.  Tithe.ly will allow you to keep records of your giving, print off reports, and set up recurring giving if you choose to do so.


How does it work? 

Simply visit: this direct link.

 You do not need to make an account to make a donation if you follow the direct link listed above.  However,   you might want to create an account in order to have a personal record of your giving.

The process is very straightforward for setting up an account, but here is an additional explanation in case you might need help: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K-Vyoi0wFVdWQ8DvhKsStXcP7K9pbwMX/view